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As Yukoners in the North we survive intense weather, isolation, and other extremely unique yet beautiful conditions.

This is where we grow as a community and learn to respect the place we call home.

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We The Yukon Apparel™ was established by born and raised Yukon First Nation & Yukon Pioneer sisters whose family is surviving the direct impacts of residential schools. They were born and raised on the land near Keno City as a mining children and learned to live off the land and speak Northern Tutchone. Why is this important to know?


As born and raised Yukoners these sisters know that it takes a community to thrive in the Yukon. They grew up with soccer coaches from Europe encouraging technique, teachers from England who encouraged education with candies from across the globe, and many doctors who prided themselves on their origins while sharing stories and cultural ways that have lived on in the lives they touched. (Rest In Peace J.V. Clark)


We all learn from each other and enjoy new ways of happily living in The Yukon together. Art, sports, culture, food, dance, music, and many more amazing ideas come from outside of The Yukon that creates a beautiful way of life up North. Our brand strives to include all Yukoners in their designs out of respect and recognition. We The Yukon welcomes art and culture from across the globe and adds a Northern touch that is unique as The Yukon itself.

As Yukoners we are part of the kindness that it takes to make The Yukon as wonderful as it is. Let us help spread that Yukon spirit and pride with our apparel. Come together with us and represent the place we call home with our beautiful designs and tributes to the uniqueness we call The Yukon. 

We are The Yukon ♡